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 Aug 25 2016  
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CLI www

Score 72%

Link:  Link
Downloads:  1334
Submitted:  Jul 28 2007
Updated:  Feb 26 2010


msdl (media stream downloader) is a cli downloader for various streaming protocols.
Supports *mmst (mms:// )
*mmsh (mmsh://, http://)
*rtsp-real (rtsp://)
*rtsp-wms (rtsp://, mms://)
*http (http://)
*ftp (ftp://)

If you find a bug or problem, please write below. Any kind of feedback are very welcomed.

again, ANY comments are *very* welcomed!!


2010-2-27 metro
* msdl-1.2.7-r1: 14th release
* src/network.c: send(,,,MSG_NOSIGNAL) doesn't compile in Mac OS, changed to ignore SIGPIPE.
* src/main.c: code added to ignore sigpipe. signal(SIGPIPE,SIG_IGN);

2010-2-24 metro
* msdl-1.2.7: 13th release
* src/main.c: -a inf for infinite download (thanks to Mr. Zidlicky)
* src/mmsh.c: mmsh resume (partly) supported (also thanks to Mr. Zidlicky)
* src/mmst.c: mmst to mmsh auto fallback support
* src/main.c: fixed possible memory leaks
* src/msdl.c: added write check
* msdl.spec: specfile, for the RPM. I got from Mr. Zidlicky. Thanks a lot.

2009-10-26 metro
* msdl-1.2.6: 12th release
* src/msdl.c: -o chain enabled, multiple name for multiple targets
* src/msdl.c: --stream-timeout option to quit streaming after some time. (thanks to Mr. Bicchi)
* NEWS: rewrote the format. It got easier to see, I think.

2009-7-21 metro
* msdl-1.2.5: 11th release
* src/display.c: all message goes to stderr
* src/msdl.c: -o - for stdout, like wget. (thanks to Mr.Rees)
* src/msdl.c: fixed get_url_list_from_file
* src/*: FreeBSD test

2009-3-31 metro
* msdl-1.2.4-r1: bugfix release to 1.2.4
* src/msdl.c: fixed a bug happens in redirected url. (thanks again to Mr.Jubany)
* src/http.c: fixed typo "ridirect" -> "redirect"

2009-3-31 metro
* msdl-1.2.4: 10th release
* src/network.c: fiexed proxy string parse bug
* src/url.c: fixed is_url_valid_char(), added some missing valid characters (thanks to Mr.Jubany)
* src/wmserver.c: fixed SETUP request routine, a=control can be both absolute/relative URL
* src/display.c: use stdout for error output. error message goes to stdout now!

2008-11-29 metro
* msdl-1.2.3: 9th release
* src/mmst.c: fixed mmst 0x33 command bug (thanks for Mr.ear5cm)
* src/main.c: put more debug infos for --debug switch
* src/mmsh.c: fixed 2nd mmsh request header
* src/wmserver.c: fixed the dirtiest inplementation in this source code! (0x82 magic stuff)

2008-09-21 metro
* msdl-1.2.2: 8th release
* src/msdl.c: some rewrite
* src/http.c: http redirect support
* src/* : added copyright information for MPlayer/xine-lib, on which some codes are based

2008-06-20 metro
* msdl-1.2.1: 7th release
* src/mmst.c: bug fix for mmst. version 1.2 could download mmst
* src/wmserver.c: show server message on PLAY request if error
* src/real.c: show server message on PLAY request if error

2008-05-25 metro
* msdl-1.2: 6th release
* src/msdl.c: -aN (auto-retry) option added
* src/real.c: resume for real-rtsp support

2008-04-20 metro
* msdl-1.1.99: beta release for 6th release
* src/mmsh.c: rewrite
* src/wmserver.c: resume (continue) support
* src/http.c: resume (continue) support
* src/ftp.c: resume (continue) support
* src/http.c: byterange support
* src/ftp.c: byterange support

2008-02-06 metro
* msdl-1.1.1: 5th release
* msdl-1.1.1: -l (log to file) option added
* src/msdl.c: (almost) complete rewrite
* src/wmserver.c: changed algorithm
* src/real.c: changed algorithm
* src/url.c: separated from network.c

2008-01-20 metro
* msdl-1.1: 4th release.
* msdl-1.1: -s (speed) and -r (range) options added.
* src/*: fixed trivial bugs and memory leaks.
* src/*: some clean-ups.
* src/realchallenge.c: got apart from real.c.
* src/rtsp.c: code for speed and range options
* doc/: document directory added
* doc/msdl.1.in: man file added

2007-09-23 metro
* msdl-1.0: third release.
* src/*: fixed memory leaks.
* src/ftp.c: added ftp support.
* src/wmserver.c: WMP 11 useragent.
* src/mmsh.c: WMP 11 useragent.

2007-08-09 metro
* msdl-0.9: second beta release.
* src/msdl.c: auto fallback from rtsp->mms.

2007-07-28 metro
* msdl-0.8: first beta release.

Debian(msdl (debian package))
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 by faemir on: May 5 2008
Score 50%

Very useful, thanks!

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 Re: great

 by metrocrusader on: May 14 2008
Score 50%

Thanks for your comment!

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 I use it every Friday

 by aNordal on: Mar 20 2009
Score 50%

The norwegian broadcast corporation (NRK) sends their row of best TV programs friday night. It is more than a year ago that I discovered how to watch their web tv with msdl, and the habit is now well established. I found out lately that VLC also plays the mms:// stream, but as you know, a cli-app is irreplaceable. Sadly their current web tv will be replaced with flash in the near future. While the new flash solution is hailed on their forums, all I think is what to do now.

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 Re: I use it every Friday

 by metrocrusader on: Mar 26 2009
Score 50%

Thank you for your nice comment!

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